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Research and Evaluation

RTRES Consulting believes in utilization-focused evaluations to help programs improve their quality and understand their impacts. We recognize that sometimes evaluation overlaps as a research venture so we help your project navigate the IRB process and design evaluation and research plans aimed to fit your project needs. 


Got data? Nothing makes us happier than to work with clients in collecting, organizing and summarizing data. We can help our clients with descriptive statistics (e.g., measures of central tendency and variability), inferential statistics (e.g., group comparisons, correlations, regression, and repeated measure designs), and more. Despite a strong quantitative background (meaning we're good with numbers), we also work with words and can help summarize your qualitative data!

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Survey Design and Test Measurement


RTRES Consulting helps our clients identify and create the tools needed to collect data that is most important to their project. This includes surveys, tests, interview/focus group protocols/questions, observation rubrics, etc. We understand the complexity involved with measurement related to human behavior and can use psychometrics (science of measuring mental capacities and processes) to explore reliability and validity of instruments developed or used. 

Data Visualization


A picture is worth a thousand words and we agree. We utilize best practices in data visualization and reporting to help our clients tell their story. We are constantly finding new ways to present findings simply and straightforward to help clients understand their progress and highlight their findings to others. 

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