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Robin T. Taylor, PhD
Principal & Senior Evaluator,
RTRES Consulting

When not working, I enjoy being with my boys, my family and my friends. I love to travel, to read, and enjoy being outside in nature. My idea of Heaven on Earth is a hammock, a beautiful view, glass of wine, and a good novel. 

RTRES Consulting was created to support thought leaders, researchers, and educators understand the impacts and effectiveness of their STEM education and workforce development programs. 

Twenty years ago I graduated with a Bachelor's in mathematics and a Master's in statistics and uncertainty with how I would use my degrees. My first career opportunity was as a research associate supporting program evaluation across several projects, and I was immediately attracted to the evaluation field! Over the last two decades I have gained additional, valuable experience across multiple positions within higher education and non-profits supporting evaluation efforts focused on understanding impacts of STEM education and workforce development program initiatives. During this time I also completed a doctorate in Educational Psychology, an Educational Research Measurement and Analysis tract which complemented my career trajectory. This experience has helped lay the foundation for creating RTRES (RT Research, Evaluation and Statistical) Consulting. 

I am a lifelong learner, dedicated to expanding and improving my skill-sets to support my clients effectively demonstrate impacts of their programs. 

RTRES Consulting is dedicated to building a network of professionals to contribute to projects as needed. 

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